What Makes a Safe and Efficient ChimneyOne of the most important things about what makes a safe and efficient chimney is the right venting and our chimney experts at A Sweep Across the Bay in Tampa can help you achieve it. If your chimney is not working properly, simply let us take a look at the venting. These systems are a little more difficult to get right today because homes are more airtight than ever before.

Proper venting affects the two major components of chimney performance and those are draft and flow. During a chimney inspection by one of our experts, they will check to make sure that you have the proper amount of both. And if we find any issues, we’ll be sure to repair them.


Draft is the force or pressure that makes gasses flow up and out of the chimney. The measure of the force is the draft that drives the venting system. Two of the major factors for draft are the temperature difference between the average flue gas temperature and the temperature of the outside air, and the height of the chimney.


The measure of the volume of gasses that actually pass through the system as a result of draft is the flow. Flow is influenced by draft, the amount of flow resistance, the flue cross sectional area, and the venting passageway size. The larger the flue, the greater amount of the volume of gasses that will be able to flow through the system determining flow resistance. The size of the cross-sectional area of each flue determines the flow capacity.

Here are some important considerations for your home chimney venting system:

Flow resistance comes from changes in direction. That’s why chimneys are built so the flue lining has a straight path from the fireplace to the chimney with no offsets. The chimney is inside the walls so the flue gasses can stay warm until they are expelled at the top. If it was on the outside, the cold air could push down into the fireplace causing a draft. A chimney cap prevents strong wind pressures.

Your house should have a balanced ventilation system. If you have an exhaust-only ventilation system in a tightly sealed house, it could cause chimney problems. Sometimes large exhaust fans can cause a house to become overly depressurized. To get the right draft you need the right chimney flue. There should be no leakage around the flue connection because it can cause adverse wind pressures. It’s important to have the chimney flue insulated the right way so the air stays warm and moves up the flue. Your chimney should be cleaned and inspected every year because creosote buildup can block your chimney.

We can make sure you have the correct system and proper chimney installation so you will have effective venting. Correct venting is an important part of what makes a safe and efficient chimney. Our chimney experts at A Sweep Across the Bay in Sarasota can help you with your venting system and all other fireplace issues, as well as your annual inspection and chimney cleaning.