A Sweep Across the Bay, serving the Fort Meyers and Tampa Bay Area, has highly trained technicians experienced in accurately installing wood, gas, and pellet hearth appliances. And you can rest assured that we provide quality work at honest and straightforward prices.

Make sure you and your home are being taken care of properly by having a professional and qualified installer manage any hearth appliance installations – Wood-Gas-Pellet Inserts, Prefabricated Wood or Gas Fireplaces, Free Standing Stoves.

There are many reasons to install a new hearth appliance:

  • Old, inefficient appliances take heat from the home instead of providing heat to the home.
  • Old fireplaces could be worn out, over fired, and no longer up to code, and could be dangerous to the home.
  • Older prefabricated fireplaces life expectancy is normally between 8-15 years. Most are well beyond their life expectancy and should not be used as is.
  • All new appliances are EPA approved, high efficient, heating appliances.
  • Use Gas Inserts as zone heating for the home and save on energy bills.
  • High efficient wood fireplaces and wood inserts are meant to heat 1,500-3,000 sq. ft.
  • If looking to remodel the area where the fireplace is located, installing a new, high efficient, heating appliance will add value to your home.

Let A Sweep Across the Bay help with installing a new appliance as we are Sarasota’s most qualified and experienced installers. If you don’t have a fireplace currently, and want to have one installed, that’s not a problem. Call us for a free estimate on installing a new hearth appliance.

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